Poetry, Thank (Haik)u, and Artsy-Fartsy Stuff

Want to thank Jason in verse? Here's your chance. Contribute a poem, Haiku (or as Aniket calls it, a "Thank (Haik)u"), or anything else artsy-fartsy in comments, or email Steve at stephenparrish@hotmail.com, and we'll post it here for all the world to revere.

A moment in time,
when you opened a door
to set a stage
to share a word
I slip a thanks
to the single candle
which lit a path
to gather erudite scribblers.

Thank you Jason...

—Erratic Thoughts

isolated minds
glittering in winter skies
draw constellations

—Jason Evans

Please raise your glass to Clarity of Night
To Jason, our host and guiding light
For your energy and drive
Keeps within us alive
The desire to write and re-write


Pictures and words blend
Creating worlds on one page
Clarity of Night

—Jodi MacArthur

Community sparks
with the elemental urge
to share a fire

—Sarah Hina

Clarity of Night
Always so much fun to play
Jason is the best!

—Lisa Gail Green

Jason's contest rocked
Imaginations soared there
and friendships began.

(six months passes)

CON-test time again!
Another light sparks a fire
and friendships renew.

(six months passes)

Another CON-test!
Entrants became best sellers
And are now famous!

(a year passes)

Jason's CON-test rocks
Beginners mingle with stars
And the sky shines bright.

—Cat Vibert

snapshot and invite
fingers twitch about the page
in good company

—Jade L. Blackwater

Each whisper pays a
Sure return on investment
All thanks to you both.

Some gifts so priceless
Joy, truth, validation
Cannot be repaid.

How did I find you?
A lucky stumble, flailing
Into precious gifts.


I don't know how to
say it all in a haiku
I'll just say - Thank You!

—Aniket Thakker

It’s so dark here.

It should be peaceful, but it’s almost claustrophobic. The terror of a new thought. Another direction. It’s such a very big place, this. So far between one light and the next.

So we stretch through



S P A C E.

Too many, so many



I met an angel here, once.

Saw a vineyard.

Died. Again and again.

Relived my first kiss.

Laughed OUT LOUD!

Saw the birth of the universe.

Met the others. The other tumbling mudballs, who want to show their shine, like Janie in THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD.

I see other suns and know that it is the best place, this private universe. The quiet spot to shine our words, to see the worlds created by each soul struggling in the quiet darkness.

The darkness isn't empty here. We can see each other, find the other lights.

The ones that shine best in THE CLARITY OF NIGHT.

Thanks, Jason.

—Laurel Montgomery


Aniket said...

It was a dark and stormy night... or Not! I don't recall. But it was one fated day for sure when my stars were so aligned that they could shame a Picasso. When I googled bloggers who had listed 'Before Sunset' as their favorite movie, and found Sarah Hina. She introduced me to the world of Flash Fiction, and weeks later to Jason's contest - Ascension. It was there, I wrote my first ever flash fiction piece, and world was never the same again.

I told the folks there, that it was my first time; and they were gentle with me. (Geez, that sounds so dirty when I read back) They gave pointers and offered to help, which I'm sure they regretted later coz I took them on it. I practiced and used to mail Jason with the one's I believed were good and he used to proof read and give detailed remarks. Who does that for someone he has never met? (Well, Sarah used to do it for me, too. But who else does that?) I then wrote my takes on all the past prompts too and sent it to Jason. And he scored them too, so I could analyse my progress. All this, when no contest was going on mind you.

He has always, always been there, when I asked for help and gone to such lengths to help me get better. For that, I'll be eternally grateful. Thank you Jason.

I doubt I've felt more proud of myself, than the day I made it to Forties Club during In Vino Veritas. And, more happy than the day I got placed in the top 5 for Silhouette. More than the placing, I was happy seeing mails from Catherine, Margaret, Aerin, Janey, Jazz, Laurel, Sarah and others congratulating me(Sorry if I missed anyone). I was sleeping when he posted the results due to the whole time zone thing, and saw the mails before the results. I was so happy, that they were happy for me.

Such great people, them. People I found on Clarity Of Night. And for that too, Thank You Jason. Thank you.

Elizabeth (#98) said...

I have had so much fun with Jason's contests and, even if I don't ever win, just being able to stretch some creative muscle makes it worthwhile.

Keep on keeping on, Jason, and I will be there!

Charles Gramlich said...

Jason, I admire you for all the effort you put into your contests, and for your always gracious nature. congrats on another ecellent contest.

fairyhedgehog said...

Sometimes I give up on writing altogether and this flash fiction contest is a chance to reconnect with my writing and with all the wonderful people in the writing world.

Thank you, Jason!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...
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B. Nagel said...

Like Aniket, Ascension was my first encounter with CoN. And I can't recall how I stumbled my way there. Possibly a link by the Queen?

The sheer wasteland of logistics that Jason handles behind the curtain is mind-boggling. I am continually astonished by the grace and goodwill of the community that surrounds these events.

To the man whose hospitality rivals that of Hrothgar, I would lift my drinking horn. But, since we are not Geats, and I am definitely no Beowulf, I'll raise him a glass of tawny port.

Anonymous said...

I have a haiku to add. ;)

isolated minds
glittering in winter skies
draw constellations

Anonymous said...

Aniket, trust me when I say that I dread the winners announcement more than anything in these contests. If I'm proud of anything, I'm proud that I keep doing the contests even though I hate that part so much. It literally pains me to disappoint folks. I want to make yet another offer to you. Drop me an email if you want to do it.

Elizabeth, thank you for saying so. :)

Charles, you are another warrior. I have high respect for your dedication and craft.

Fairyhedgehog, as long as you have the spark, no matter how sporadic, we'll be here for you.

B., wasteland of logistics...OMG, that is so perfect!! You've been there, I see. I love hearing these stories of how people found the contests.

Anonymous said...

Laurel, thank you for that tribute, my friend. And the compilation of pieces. :) I am honestly touched. Even though we haven't really talked about it, I do see what the community and the sharing of visions means to you.

Aniket said...

@Jason: I hear you. That's why I always insist that the author should judge any contest I organize for promoting their book. I'm not qualified, nor built that way that I could judge. I'm too biased.

And I'm not disappointed at all. Hey, life would be so boring if I had nothing left to improve upon. Consider the mail dropped. I'm always up for tasks that make me better, or involve hot babes, or are just fun (and involve hot babes).

Plus, did anyone notice that my date won the readers choice awards? What more can one ask...

B. Nagel said...


You and Loren? I never knew.

Aniket said...

@B: I'm sure Loren is a fine man, and any girl(or guy) would be lucky to have him, but there is only one who can bend my heart... ;)

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